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Heljarmadr album 2023!
About a year ago, during the darkest days of the year, I released the video for the first song under the flag of Heljarmadr, "Transcending Into A God". Since then I've been constantly asked if there'll be more and I am proud to finally give you a definite answer; yes there will be a whole full length album! Read more HERE

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Active bands:
Dark Funeral (2014-)
Grá (2010-)
Heljarmadr (2020-)

Past bands:
Symphony of Malice - vocals (1995-1997)
Diabolic Lust - vocals, guitars, bass (1997-2005)
Cursed 13 - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards (1998-2018)
Domgård - guitars (2009-2014)

Album Discography:
Dark Funeral - We Are The Apocalypse 2022 (vocals)
Grá - Väsen 2018 (vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Veiled - Black Celestial Orbs 2018 (bass)
Dark Funeral - Where Shadows Forever Reign 2016 (vocals)
Grá - Ending 2015 (vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Cursed 13 - Triumf 2013 (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard)
Domgård - Myrkviðr 2012 (guitars, additional vocals)
Grá - Grá 2011 (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards)
Domgård - I Nifelhels Skygd 2010 (guitars, additional vocals)

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Portfolio studio work

Mixing, mastering, editing, producing, recording

Here is a selected portfolio, you will find most releases at your favourite streaming services:

Grá - TBA (producing, recording, editing,)
The Devil's Tail - TBA (mixing, mastering)
Aphrenety - Wolves of Ardeal (mixing)
Grá - Väsen (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Veiled - Black Celestial Orbs (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Katla - Móðurástin ("Hreggur" track remix 2017)
Cursed 13 - Into Ashes (producing, recording, editing)
Grá - Ending (producing, recording, editing)
Grá/Gnosis of the Witch split (Grá producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Grá - Where Shadows Dwell (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Gnosis of the Witch - Dauðr burðr þrysvar (mixing, mastering)
Cursed 13 - Triumf (recording of guitars, bass, vocals)
Grá - Necrology of the Witch (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Grá - Grá (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Grá - Helfärd (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Panphage - Ætt Loka (mastering)
Cursed 13 / Domgård - split (Cursed 13 editing, mixing, mastering, recording of everything except drums)

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Available articles

I have a variety of articles available from time to time, sometimes I have a few Dark Funeral or Grá items too.
Send an email to "order [at] heljarmadr.com" and ask for the full list.
Follow my social media channels to stay updated.

In stock right now:
Heljarmadr Photo Book 299SEK / 29€
Heljarmadr Productions 70mm patch 50SEK / 5€
Heljarmadr / Eldur split CD-digipack single 80SEK / 8€

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