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Welcome to my brand new website! I assume most visitors know me from Dark Funeral and Grá but this page is about something else. A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to find an outlet to explore my own artistic visions, aside from the conventional band setup. I have a lot of things coming up this year, starting with a hard cover photo book! Scroll down and find out more!
I will also advise you that social media is a way more frequently updated source for information.

I get some questions about studio work and on this page you will find prices, portfolio and other useful pieces of information.


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Active bands:
Dark Funeral (2014-)
Grá (2010-)
Heljarmadr (2020-)

Past bands:
Cursed 13 - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards (1998-2018)
Domgård - guitars (2009-2014)
Diabolic Lust - vocals, guitars, bass (1997-2005)

Album Discography:
Grá - Väsen 2018 (vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Veiled - Black Celestial Orbs 2018 (bass)
Dark Funeral - Where Shadows Forever Reign 2016 (vocals)
Grá - Ending 2015 (vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Cursed 13 - Triumf 2013 (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard)
Domgård - Myrkviðr 2012 (guitars, additional vocals)
Grá - Grá 2011 (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards)
Domgård - I Nifelhels Skygd 2010 (guitars, additional vocals)

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Portfolio studio work

Mixing, mastering, editing, producing, recording

Here is a selected portfolio, you will find most releases at your favourite streaming services:

Grá - Väsen (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Veiled - Black Celestial Orbs (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Katla - Móðurástin ("Hreggur" track remix 2017)
Cursed 13 - Into Ashes (producing, recording, editing)
Grá - Ending (producing, recording, editing)
Grá/Gnosis of the Witch split (Grá producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Grá - Where Shadows Dwell (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Gnosis of the Witch - Dauðr burðr þrysvar (mixing, mastering)
Cursed 13 - Triumf (recording of guitars, bass, vocals)
Grá - Necrology of the Witch (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Grá - Grá (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Grá - Helfärd (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Panphage - Ætt Loka (mastering)
Cursed 13 / Domgård - split (Cursed 13 editing, mixing, mastering, recording of everything except drums)

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Available articles

Order by sending an email to heljarmadrproductions [at] gmail.com

bild på boken

The first public notification of my first ever hard cover photo book. The book is printed and ready in Sweden right now. The only problem is that due to the Covid-19 situation I am not in Sweden myself, yet, but I will be by mid August! It's printed in a limited edition and I will of course hand number and sign each and every one before I send them out. I will take pre-orders starting NOW. Send an e-mail to the address above and we'll set it up. I will personally sign and ship them as soon as I reach Sweden. The price is set to 25€ plus postage. Pre-order customers will get something extra in their parcels as a thank you for supporting me during these difficult times. Every single sold copy makes a difference! Thank you! I ship world wide as soon as the situation allows.

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